Adriana Degreas - SPFW

Let's talk about Adriana Degreas again (the first post)... In fact, let's see some clothes of her Summer 2012/2013 collection released on the SPFW this week. Tansparency - that's trending now - it's already part of the Adriana Degrea's style. 

Skull rings

Because it's never enough ;)


Kitty Perry

The hair, the dress, the style... I love everything about this look of Katy Perry on the red carpet of the City of Hope yesterday. 

20's style


He's kind of weird guy that we like. The multi-instrumental musician and singer-songwriter (description by Wikipedia) Gotye is incredibly talented. He has been my addiction, I can't stop listening his songs... Check some of my favorites:


And the most famous, but not least amazing:


Herchcovitch – SPFW

The first day of SPFW had the Summer 2012/2013 collection of one of the most expected fashion designers: Alexandre Herchcovitch. On the catwalk, the guests saw colorful clothes, curly hair, geometric patterns… very 80’s. The collection is inspired in Boy George – the singer. As for the hats, they were designed by Stephen Jones, who also designs the ones used by Boy George. 

Read the interview with Herchcovitch about this show and much more interesting opinions (in portuguese):

You've got the love

Today we celebrate "Valentines Day" here... So, in portuguese: um salve ao amor!